Today Interview: “Where The Jobs Are”

Eng Hup Shipping believes in nurturing a new generation of young maritime professionals who bring along refreshing perspectives to drive innovation and change in the industry.

17th March 2021

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Commonly misunderstood as a “sunset industry” that largely involves manual labour under the hot sun, the ever-changing maritime industry has been and will remain an evergreen market in the foreseeable future, as it is the most effective way to transport materials across the globe. This is even more applicable in Singapore, which is now a world-leading international Maritime hub.

Despite disruptions due to the pandemic, the maritime sector continues to excel, presenting many opportunities for young talents to thrive.

Being a strong advocate for nurturing the next generation of talents, Eng Hup Shipping has been featured by Today in its exclusive article shining the spotlight on the overlooked maritime industry, unveiling the exciting paths of various youths including Ho Jun De, one of our Technical Executives.

“It’s a dynamic environment — it requires you to be quick-thinking and to react quickly to all kinds of requests from customers, the management, basically all corners.”

Ho Jun De, Technical Executive, Eng Hup Shipping

Jun De is one of Eng Hup Shipping’s younger employees hoping to foster change in an industry teeming with opportunities, by tapping technological advancements and the steady global demand for maritime services.

“While only about 20 to 25 per cent of the company’s staff members are 35 and below, it is the youth who are driving technological change.”

Tommy Phun, Director (Business Development), Eng Hup Shipping

Read the full article here.

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