CNA Documentary: Colours of the Sea

Eng Hup Shipping is thankful for the opportunity by MPA to be featured in this CNA documentary where we shared about our digital transformation efforts.

25th March 2021

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As a 60-year-old company, Eng Hup Shipping was used to manual processes and reactive maintenance. Now, we are leveraging technology to digitalise and automate our processes so that we can boost efficiency, stay resilient and be future-ready.

In this Channel News Asia (CNA) documentary commissioned by Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), we shared about our digitalisation journey alongside three other inspiring counterparts from the maritime industry.

Meeting with Eng Hup Shipping’s Digital Core Team

Eng Hup Shipping approached its digital transformation process in small but practical steps. From online vessel booking to mobile scanning and digital generation of passenger manifests, the company has reduced manually intensive and error-prone processes and successfully achieved improved productivity levels and better customer experience.

“We realise that digitalisation might just be our key to long-term sustainable growth and profitability.”

Tommy Phun, Director (Business Development), Eng Hup Shipping

Moving forward, Eng Hup Shipping is building up its predictive maintenance capabilities in order to minimise vessel downtime and to provide a higher service level availability.

“Digitalisation of vessel status and records will allow us to preempt any defects before they even occur.”

Ho Jun De, Digital Core Team, Eng Hup Shipping

Watch the full video here.

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